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Sidemount   -   $200.00

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Sidemount Pre-Dive Set-up, Photo by Diana Murcar

sidemount class The Sidemount Class is for learning about the basic sidemount confirguration for use in a open water environment. This course is designed to teach certified divers how to safely utilize side-mounted primary cylinders as an alternative to the traditional back-mounted configuration. Divers may wish to eliminate the weight of a cylinder on their back by quickly rigging a set of independent doubles, sometimes using smaller cylinders to better lighten the load on their back. For that trip away from home in a far distant land. It's not just for exploration diving. Sidemount is used by Cave, Wreck and just the average Joe diver.

At the descretion of the instructor, This course can be combined with other courses such as: Decompression Procedures, Extended Range, Trimix, Advanced Trimix and Advanced Wreck, Cavern and Cave. If combined, the standards for both courses will be met. For Cavern, Cave and Wreck courses; the standard course fees would apply with no additional sidemount fees as sidemount configuration will be discussed during the equipment configuration portion of that course.

  • Sidemount Divers will learn the following skills:
    • How to correctly configure sidemount equipment, plan and conduct a dive.
    • Emphasis is placed on air management of independent cylinders, gas matching dissimilar cylinders, correct body position, emergency procedures and enjoying the Set-upfreedom of sidemount diving
    Become Trained to Dive Sidemount, Photo by Thadious Bedford Wolf Creek Productions and Advanced Diver Magazine
  • The Sidemount course is conducted in two parts:
      • (Note: A minimum of 3 Open Water Sidemount dives, For overhead environment training such as Cavern, Cave, Wreck or Ice Diving courses will reguire course specific minimum number of dives)
          • The Sidemount configuration, set up, and air management drills
          • The Sidemount Dives

        Sidemount certification requirements Sidemount Certification of training will be issued once the student has safely demonstrated all learned Sidemount diving techniques.

        sidemount certification requirements The Sidemount Student will be required to have The following equipment:

        • Dual cylinders, volume appropriate for planned dive, and student gas consumption
        • Two independent first and second stage regulators each with a submersible pressure gauge
        • Buoyancy compensator device (BCD) with power inflator appropriate for sidemount configuration
        • Exposure suit adequate for diving environment
        • Mask and fins
        • Dive computer and a additional depth and timing device; backup computer recommended.

        • Note: For other coures using sidemount configuration, additional equipment may be required, Ask the instructor

        Sidemount Class Prerequisites Prerequisites: Minimum Age 18 years, Open Water Diver or equivalent.

        Course fees do not include charter boat, park access fees, equipment rentals or sales.

scuba dive

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