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  DAN Oxygen First Aid Provider
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Are you ready for adventure and excitement?
Do you want to experience something wonderfully different?

If you answered yes to these questions, Genesis Diving Institute of Florida has what you are looking for.

Learn to scuba dive and explore the underwater world. Visit coral reefs, step back in time exploring the mysterious remains of a shipwreck or awaken your creativity by the art of underwater photography, go where your interests and imagination take you.

The staff of Genesis Diving Institute, will do more than just make your training educational, we make it fun. Our personal approach to learning ensures that you become a safe, proficient, skillful scuba diver. You will feel confident and eager to experience a whole new world.


All scuba classes at Genesis Diving Institute of Florida are taught on a flexible schedule format. We don't wait for large classes, we will start you based on your schedule, TODAY!

Genesis Diving Institute of Florida uses the PADI SDI TDI DAN and NACD systems of diver education recognized worldwide.For your convienence we also use PADI, SDI and TDI eLearning methods

Open Water Class

Credit Card

  • Open Water Diver $299.00
    • This is where the adventure begins. As an Open Water Diver you will learn the basics of enjoyable, safe diving through pool dives and academics. Then you travel to popular open water dive sites and complete your certification demonstrating your learned skills under the guidance of your instructor.
    • Prerequisites for this program: Just wanting to dive! (minimum age 10 years)
  • Scuba Experience $50.00 upon request and schedule availability
    • Not sure if you are ready to become a scuba diver? This program will convince you that scuba diving is for you. Conducted in the safety of a pool under the guidance of your instructor you'll get the opportunity to experience the fun of scuba diving!
    • No prerequisites required minimum age of 10 years.


  • Discover Scuba Diving $150.00
    • Wanting to see what scuba diving is all about and just what is it others see underwater? This program takes you through a few simple skills learned in a pool to an actual open water dive where with your instructor you will get a first hand look at the aquatic world.
    • No prerequisites required (Minimum age 10 years).
  • Advanced Open Water Diver $150.00
    • Now that you have learned the basics where do you go from here? The Advanced Open Water Diver program gives you the chance to sample 5 different specialties of interests while increasing and expanding your diving skills: Night diving, deep diving, wreck diving, underwater photography, these are but just a sample of scuba diving specialties you can try. Ask your instructor for more information and other available specialties.
    • Prerequisites for this program: Open Water Diver or equivalent
  • Introduction to Technical Diving $200.00
    • You have learned the fundamental basics and have that feeling that you want to learn more or maybe just improve your knowledge and skills. You may be thinking that you are looking for more adventurous and challenging dives or perhaps you want to master a new equipment configuration and have a better understanding of gas mixing principles. The Introduction to Technical Diving course will expose you to more challenges and fine tune those skills to a mastery level.
    • Prerequisites for this program: Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent and 25 logged dives
  • Adventure Diver - $150.00
    • Do not have the time to do a full Advanced Open Water Course? The Adventure Diver program gives you the chance to sample different specialties or types of diving while increasing and expanding your diving skill, knowledge and just having fun. Isn't that what it is all about. Ask your instructor for more information and lets go have fun!
    • Prerequisites for this program: Open Water Diver or equivalent
  • Specialty Diver Programs - Call For Pricing, Prices Vary to Specialty
    • What interests you the most? Specialty Diver Programs focus on distinctive areas of interests. Make your diving more enjoyable. Limited in your season then perhaps drysuit diving is for you. Interested in history learn to safely navigate a shipwreck. For the more adventurous get in over your head by trying a cavern or ice diving course. Specialty courses are designed to increase your knowledge and diving skills while having fun. Many specialties are available ask your instructor for information.
    • Prerequisites for this program: Open Water Diver to Advanced Open Water depending on specialty. Some Specialties have age restrictions.
  • Enriched Air Nitrox $200.00
    • Want more Bottom Time? This class certifies you in the correct planning and use of enriched air breathing gas mixtures up to 40% oxygen.
    • Prerequisites for this program: Open Water Diver.
    • Dive Nitrox
  • Solo Diver $250.00
    • Are You Self Reliant? This class certifies you in the correct planning and conduct of diving solo. This class will require that you have additional equipment to your basic gear set up. It is recommended that you also have The Introduction to Technical Diving Course. Talk with your instructor for more details
    • Prerequisites for this program: Advanced Open Water Diver and 100 logged dives.
  • Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures $300.00
    • Want Some Real Bottom Time? This class certifies you in the correct planning and use of enriched air breathing gas mixtures up to 100% oxygen and Procedures for planning and executing dives requiring decompression.
    • Prerequisites for this program: Enriched Air Diver.
  • Sidemount Diving $200.00
    • The Sidemount Class is for learning about the basic sidemount confirguration for use in a open water environment. This course is designed to teach certified divers how to safely utilize side-mounted primary cylinders as an alternative to the traditional back-mounted configuration. Divers may wish to eliminate the weight of a cylinder on their back by quickly rigging a set of independent doubles, sometimes using smaller cylinders to better lighten the load on their back. For that trip away from home in a far distant land. It's not just for exploration diving. Sidemount is used by Cave, Wreck and just the average Joe diverli>
    • Prerequisites for this program: Enriched Air Diver.
    • Cavern Divers

  • Cavern $300.00
    • The cavern class is the basic foundation for those divers looking to move on to full cave certification. The skills learned here will improve any diver's basic abilities and awareness. Many of the cavern diving principles can be applied to other forms of diving. Fee includes 1 year membership into the NACD
    • Prerequisites for this program: Open Water Diver.
  • Intro To Cave $300.00
    • To further develop the cavern diver's skills and awareness. This class will introduce the diver to the cave diving environment under limited access conditions and penetration while challenging and enhancing the diver's skills and awareness
    • Prerequisites for this program: Cavern Certification (This class may be combined with the cavern class in a modular program).
  • Stop Unless Cave TrainedApprentice to Cave $350.00
    • The apprentice to cave diver continues to master their cave diving skills and learn to plan and execute cave dives requiring jumps and gaps.
    • Prerequisites for this program: Intro to Cave.(May be part of a modular cave diving program towards full cave certification. It is recommended that the diver also have enriched air and decompression procedures training)
  • Swimming a caveFull Cave $350.00
    • Considered by many as the most technical form of diving, the full cave diver cerrtification class prepares you to execute more complex dive planning as it pertains to the cave diving environment. Like all previous class the cave class will continue to develop the divers emergency skills and challenge their personal abilities as a individual diver and as a member of a cave diving team.
    • Prerequisites for this program: Apprentice to Cave.
  • Emergency First Responder $75.00
    • This is a course that everyone should have. The EFR program is designed for the diver and non-diver alike. The course covers Basic and Advanced life saving, CPR with AED and First Aid. Recognized by PADI, The American Heart Association, and The National Safety Council.
    • Prerequisites for this program: none.
  • Divers Alert Network Oxygen Provider $100.00
    • Don't go diving without it. The Dan O2 program augments First Aid and CPR techniques. Learn to recognize and provide emergency treatment to a diver suffering from the signs and symptoms of decompression illness. Learn to administer and safely handle an oxygen system in any first aid situation.
    • Prerequisites for this program: Should be a diver, but not required. Must have current CPR certification from a recognized agency.
  • Rescue Diver $299.00
    • This course teaches you to recognize and prevent potential problems before they become serious and how to handle them if they do. Most divers find the rescue diver course challenging and rewarding. This is the course that will make you a better diver.
    • Prerequisites for this program: Certified Diver with current CPR by a recognized agency, Divers Alert Network Oxygen Provider or equivalent and AED qualifications highly recommended.
  • Scuba Tune Up $200.00 to $250.00
    • Haven't had the chance to go diving in a long time and want to get back into the water? Sharpen up your skills and learn some new techniques and how to manipulate new equipment. Review diving theory and skills in an environment in which you feel most comfortable. Be prepared before stepping back into the open water.
    • Prerequisites for this program: Certified Diver.
  • Master Scuba Diver (Pricing Subject to the Five Specialties Selected)
    • So you really like diving? Learn and complete five different specialties of your interest and then go and enjoy the underwater world in your own favorite way.
    • Prerequisites for this program: Rescue Diver and current CPR certification.


  • Divemaster $450.00
    • Perhaps a career in diving is to your liking? Working with a dive store or a cruise ship. The Divemaster certification is your first step to becoming a dive professional. A fun rewarding program you'll cover diving physics, chemistry, physiology, equipment design, diving logistics and leadership principals. You'll sharpen your skills and be recognized as a diving professional.
    • Prerequisites for this program: Rescue Diver and current CPR certification.
  • Assistant Instructor $450.00
    • This is your next step to becoming an Open Water Scuba Instructor. A highly rewarding internship, providing you with hands on teaching experience.
    • Prerequisites for this program: Rescue Diver and current CPR certification.
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